Wait... toy? You don't want to be anyone's toy!

From Create Your Own Story

You try to focus your scattered senses. "I'm not some plaything."

The vixen yanks off your T-shirt and carries you to the bed. "You are now."

Before you can object further, she kisses your chest and runs her tongue over your nipples. Darts of pleasure shoot through you, and you feel your brain starting to shut off.

"No..." you protest.

The vixen slides her body upwards and shuts you up by pressing her breasts against your face. You instinctively begin suckling on her nipple.

"That's a good boy," she purrs. One of her paws rubs against the crotch of your jeans, and your cock fully stiffens. You feel her starting to unzip your fly.

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:

Jeans, Abundant confusion

Gender Male
Species Human
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