Walk into the downtown area of the city, to the restaurant district

From Create Your Own Story

You amble over to where the restaurants are. You don't want fast food, you want actual food. So you swing by the Pita Pit and order a custom pita with steak, cheese, avocado, mushrooms and ranch. You pay for it, get your food and your drink cup, put lemonade in the cup and look around to see where you can sit.

A slim blonde in a green T-shirt locks her eyes on you. You head her way.

"Thanks for joining me," she says. "I'm Diane."

She looks like she's a few years older than you, perhaps mid-20's.


The two of you chat as you eat, and before you know it, your food is finished, so is hers, and you're expected home in 20 minutes. Diane's hand has crept up your leg while you chatted and is now rubbing your crotch.

"Either come home with me," Diane murmurs into your ear, "or allow me to walk you back to your place."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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