Wanna take a little walk?

From Create Your Own Story

Marcus agrees to go with you on your walk. You head over and stop behind a large bush, perfectly hidden from any person happening to stroll by. A perfect time to make your move on the little cutie in front of you. You ask him if he's ever wanted to be with a guy before. He blushes and you take that to mean yes. You grab Marcus' hand and pull him in close to you. "Archie?" he asks. You ignore him and stick his hand up your shirt, forcing him to caress your nipples.

You let go of him and he begins to explore your body on his own. He touches your upper body and you help him to remove your shirt. He licks your nipples, which are right about at his mouths height. He feels you a little bit more and then moves down to your pants. He looks up at you with big pleading eyes and you can't possibly say no. "Do you think you can handle whats down there?" you tease him. He answers by unzipping your fly. You chuckle as your throbbing cock pops right out.

Marcus licks your cock and balls. You rub your dick all over his face, precum leaking from your member.

Do You:

Fuck Marcus

Let Him Suck You Off

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