We've Found a Witch! May We Burn Her?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and ???

You wake up to find your body pressed against a large cement pillar. Your arms are drawn around behind you and your wrists cuffed together, and two small metal restraints, one on each side, hold your ankles in place. You're rather painfully immobilized.

Walt walks into the room pushing a huge wheelbarrow. It's chock-full of wood. He stacks the wood in a pile around your feet and legs. "Remember the scene in We've Found A Witch! May We Burn Her? where they capture the young woman at the beginning?" he asks.

"I... I do," you say hesitantly. Then it dawns on you what he's going to do. "Oh God, no! Please!"

Your plea is ignored as Walt wheels in a second wheelbarrow full of wood and stacks it around you. He douses the wood liberally with gasoline. "Ready?" he smirks.

Before you have a chance to respond, he tosses a lit match onto the woodpile. You scream in terror as the heat from the flames starts to affect your body. Then the wood against your skin catches fire, and you hear the sizzling sound of your own flesh burning!

Thankfully, with the massive woodpile and the liberal amount of gasoline Walt used, the fire spreads quickly and your torture is cut short by death.


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