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Me and the boys found this old place. Some good loot here. Couple of protectotrons, only one lost in that fight. Some good weapons, maybe thought about going back up and hitting up some small settlements, but then we found this. Figured it was some high-tech bed, but when Tom tried sleeping in it, it closed on him and hooked him up. When he woke up said he was in some sort of war. Figure maybe this machine was used for training, don't know. I got this terminal working and wrote up some stuff under the program. Took a few days to get it to work, but we finally got it, problem was no one wanted to use it. So we captured this local girl, put her in. Before, she was all freaked out and screaming. After a few hours in the pod, she was completely obedient. Don't know what it did, but it worked good. Figure we'll stay here for a while.


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