Yes, they go to dinner

From Create Your Own Story

They had a happy dinner together, just talking and laughing like in the old times. It was great to see Sansa like that. She had changed, no doubt, there was something deep in her eyes that showed she was not that naive girl anymore - but when she laughed, Robb forgot that and was just glad he had his sister back. Things would not go back to normal with their father dead, but Sansa could find happiness, and he would do anything to help her, Robb promised himself.

Filled up with lemon cakes, they left for their rooms, sharing another loving hug. Robb Stark sat down and wrote a few words to his mother at Winterfell that Sansa was safe. Just as he finished, there was a knock at the door. "Come in."

Who is it?

It's the Forrester Girl

It's Theon

It's Melisandre


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