You'll need to do something for me

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1st September 2015

"You'll have to do something for me"

"What?!" Isabella said desperately.

"Take your dress off."

"WHAT? No!"

"You can strip for a random stranger but not for me?"

"That's different," she replied.

"It would be a shame if Phineas found out about how much a slut you were. "

"Fine!" She said making Ferb smile. Ferb eyed her body, her breast had easily caught his attention. They were large, especially for someone her size.

She looked at Ferb once more be undoing the zip on the side of her dress revealing the lace white bra. Isabella wiggled out of the strapless dress, her breast shaking, threanibg to fall out of the bra. She was blushing like mad while she stood in her lace underwear. Isabella stepped out of them dressed an placed it neatly on the chair giving ferb a quick view of he visible behind.

The lace bra and panties were practically see through. She didn't leave much to imgaine. Ferb could see her nipples. She stood with her hands over her panties.

Ferb used a finger to gesture her over. She walked over and stood in front of him.

What should Ferb do?

Kiss Isabella

Feel Isabella

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