You hear the doorbell ring

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While you lean back enjoying this deer on your cock, you hear the doorbell ring and you get up off your bed. The Doe as you get up wraps her arms and legs around your waist and keeps working her hips, you gotta learn this deer gal's name she makes an excellent sex toy. You open your door to a surprised delivery girl staring at your naked body, the only thing concealed being your massive cock which was impaled on some deer slut. She is a bovine girl with quite a pair of knockers, she tries to stammer through her delivery notes trying to be professional. As she stands on her tip toes reaching up with a pad for you to sign, you feel an orgasm coming and just let it out in your deer cock sleeve. The deer screams and moans with pleasure as her belly swells to its limits, and cum spatters from her pussy down your massive nuts and onto the ground forming a puddle. The deer knowing her places keeps pumping on your still very much erect cock, you smile as the cow girl looks up at you trembling with with expression that was equal parts arousal and fear.

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:


Gender Futa
Species Dragon
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