You run through the mall and back to the parking lot

From Create Your Own Story

Incredibly, you make it all the way around the food court before the security guard can get close to you. He seems to be the only guard on duty. At least, he is the only one who seems to be chasing you.

You have a bad moment when you realize you will have to run past the guard on your way back out the door, but you manage to run around him, keeping out of his grasp, without even slowing down.

Then you are outside, running across the hot asphalt of the parking lot.

You go back to where you parked your car, and see an empty space.

Your car is gone. Someone must have stolen it.

You slow down, then stop, not sure what to do. Your keys to your condo were your car. Without them, you will have a hard time getting home.

Then you hear sounds. You look around. The big guard from the mall is still chasing you. Now, he appears to have several friends with him.

What happens next?:

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