You sneak up to the front doors of the mall

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Overheated

You don't see very many people around. In fact, the only people you do see in the parking lot are some distance away, and they don't seem to be aware of your nudity. Good. You don't want to be seen until you've entered the mall itself, so you move carefully through the parking lot, hiding behind cars whenever you think someone might see you. Fortunately, the parking lot is pretty empty, as everyone seems to be staying home, and you parked your car fairly close to the entrance. so you get to the entrance without being noticed.

You reach the front doors to the mall. You quickly slip through the doors and into the air-conditioned mall. You pause for a moment, enjoying the feel of the cool air on your bare skin. The feeling almost makes you change your mind, but you tell yourself, no. You've come this far, you'll see it through.

You start running.

You are surprised that it takes several seconds, even in this nearly-empty mall, before anyone sees you. Suddenly, you hear a shout. "Hey! You! Miss!" You look back and see a security guard, a large man in a blue shirt, pants and baseball cap, black utility belt around his waist. He is running after you, but is some distance away.

The guard is big, and doesn't look that fast. You are confident of your ability to outrun him. Not done streaking yet, you head toward the food court. You are aware that more and more people are looking at you now, in fact, you seem to have the attention of the entire mall. You hear shouts and voices over the mall's PA system.

The food court is not far away now. It is filled with people. You will take one lap around the court, you decide, then leave the way you came.

Ignoring the bouncing of your breasts, you run a little faster, wanting to keep the security guard well behind you.


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