Your foot brushes up against something in the water

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Wet

As you kick your legs, you feel them brush against something. Something cold, clammy...and big.

Probably just a fish, you think to yourself. After all, this is a pond, not a lake or an ocean. Whatever's in the water with you, how big could it possibly...?

Before the question finishes forming itself in your mind, a tentacle suddenly wraps itself around your leg. Another tentacle ensnares the other leg, and then more and more tentacles wrap themselves around your arms and body! As you scream at the top of your lungs, they hoist you high into the air in a spread-eagle position, pulling on your arms and legs until you think you're about to be torn apart! One of the tentacles wrapped around your torso begins to contract around your massive breasts, crushing them in a steel grip! You try and struggle, but the tentacles are wrapped so tightly around your limbs and body, which is agonizingly stretched, that you can't move anything except your head and neck!

Two more tentacles emerge from the water, thicker than the others. One of them jams its way into your pussy, the other up your ass! You're screaming louder than ever now as the tentacles brutally fuck you. This can't be happening, you think to yourself. This has to be a dream! But it's no dream - somehow, you really are in the middle of a pond being raped and sodomized by a giant tentacle monster! As much as you try and resist, it forces one orgasm out of you after another. Your body is battered and exhausted, and you're terrified about your unknown fate - although you have a pretty good idea what it entails.

The water below you suddenly starts to churn, and a hideous greenish gray mass appears out of the water! A giant, seven-foot wide mouth, which the tentacles are coming from, opens wide, making you scream louder in panic! "HELP!" you cry. "SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE!"

No aid, however, is forthcoming, and you're completely helpless as the tentacles draw you into the wide open mouth. You howl and scream all the while, sobbing hysterically with panic, as the creature slowly swallows you. The tentacles are still wrapped around you as they lower you into a pit of warm digestive acid, which slowly eats away at you - VERY slowly. They continue to fuck you even while trapped inside the monster - and even worse, sharp thorns pierce your body and inject it with enzymes that keep you alive and conscious the entire time you're being digested!

You spend an agonizing three days trapped in the creature's gullet before the monster finally finished digesting you.


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