Your own name

From Create Your Own Story

You type in your name and hit enter. Suddenly, you see a nude picture of yourself, slowly rotating.

"What the hell?" you say out loud.

You play around with the model of yourself, looking at your body from all sorts of angles.

"Huh," you think, "It must make a composite image of all the pictures on my computer, or something."

Noticing the edit button, you click it, revealing a menu of all sorts of categories: skin, gender, hair, breasts, legs, mental, eyes. The list goes on.

You play around with it and notice that you can make changes to the little model of yourself. How fun! You decide to see just what the program can do.

Do you turn yourself into:

Health Relaxed
Height 5’ 5”
Weight 120 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Dyed Red
Cup Size 34B
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Half Naked
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