Your roommate

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"Hmm, I wonder how hard it would be to make me look like my roomie," you wonder to yourself.

You start to fiddle with the more obvious options, like dropping to her 5'1", putting your weight down to her 115 and turning your hair to her blond highlights. You start to get little pangs of jealousy until you start making other changes, like shrinking to reflect her flat butt and reducing your muscle mass.

"She just gets by on genetics, some of us have to go to the gym to look good," you mutter to yourself.

You smirk as you shrink your breasts from your soft 36B to her small but perky A-Cup.

You adjust the face settings: properly plucked thick eyebrows, small but pointy nose, thin face. She's not necessarily better looking than you, just different. Finally, when you think you have everything down, you write in the comments section: I am my roommate. You click save.

Suddenly, you feel your body transforming as your hair starts to tickle the back of your neck and your pants seem to grow on you.

No wait! Your legs are shrinking!

You get out of your chair to run to your full-length mirror. Rather than seeing your usual reflection staring back at you in the mirror, you see that of your roommate.

"Oh my God!" you yell, suddenly clasping your hands over your mouth at the shock of hearing a voice not your own.

You adjust your now ill-fitting clothes and smirk at yourself in the mirror: "Hi, my name is Katie, I like to make messes and not clean them up. And during finals I stay up late watching movies and never let my roommate get a good night's sleep!" You laugh, suppressing a snort. "Geez, now I even laugh like her."

Do you:

Health Entertained
Height 5'1"
Weight 115 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Blond Highlights
Cup Size 36A
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Ill-Fitting
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