Your step-brother suddenly drops by to visit

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and headed for the shower

Before you make any headway toward the shower, you gasp as the door to your apartment opens! You forgot your step-brother Darren was visiting today, and you gave him the key to your place in case he ever needed a quick place to crash! You look around frantically for something to wear, but it's too late!

"Hey sis, I...whoa!" he says as he sees you in all your naked, sweat-covered glory. You cover your most intimate areas as you take in the sight of him.

Damn, he's even hotter than you remembered! Chiseled features, wisp of a goatee, that dreamy've masturbated to fantasies of him many times before, and from the many, many looks he's snuck of you, you're pretty sure he's done the same to you.

What happens next?

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