Biff Lewis

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by nokvok

Name: Biff Lewis
Nickname: Biffo
Age: 13
Gender: male
Place of birth: Winnipeg, Canada
Status: -
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 115
Build: little overweighed
Hair: brown, weary
Eyes: dark brown, large. Is short sighed and needs glasses to read’n stuff.
Skin tone: well tanned Latino or Mediterranean.
Facial hair: Non yet
IQ: 125
IC-function: Main Character

Power: Tempo-kinesis
The power to slow or accelerate the flow of time itself. Specifics of Biff’s current ability:
- Maximum Increase/Decrease of time flow (delta flux in %): 100/50
- Maximum Volume affected with Maximum delta flux: ca 100litres (26.4 gallons) - roughly the volume of a strong framed human.
- Delta Flux ~ V > maxVmaxf: V*x ~ f/x (means 200 litres of Volume can me affected up to half the maximum delta Flux, 300 litres with 1/3 delta Flux, 500 litres with 1/5 delta Flux etc. Accelerating a Car (ca 8000 litres for a large sport’s car) would be possible up to 1/80 times Max flux. 1/80*100% = 1.25% Or… 200mph becoming 202.5 mph. Decreasing the Time flux in a two yard radius up to two yard high (ca 20000 litres) would be uttermost pointless. (1/200*50%=0.25%)
As proved by above formulas, Biff’s ability is, though not ‘only’, very well ‘mostly’ useful against Objects of not larger than Human size. The Volume affected can be projected up to 10 yards with no infringement to power, every multiple of this does count as divisor for Max Delta Flux just as each multiplier of Volume effected does. Thus it is also mostly useful in close quarters.
In order to project the power, Biff needs to have ‘precise knowledge’ of the location of the object effected. Which boils down to immobile things, things he can currently see and things he recently saw and which haven’t moved since then.
So far so good… now to the effect the alteration of the Time flux has on Objects/Persons:
The actual individual time is altered, including all perception, internal processes and physical reaction to non-effected objects. A slight exception to this is Light, thus in either altered time flux, optical perception is not impaired (very well however the processing speed of the visual cortex).
Most importantly, there are two simple relations. A decrease in time flux increases an objects rest mass by a square. An increase in time flux Increases an Objects Momentum, by a square. That means basically, a still objects mass, for the purpose of moving it, quadruples, a moving objects impact energy for the purpose of moving/deforming something quadruples. A dresser blocking a door which weights 30kg and is effected by 50% time flux decrease would need as much energy to be moved as a 120kg heavy Dresser. A 5 lbs rock thrown at 20 mphs but effected by 100% time flux increase will hit like a 20 lbs rock thrown at 20mph (Or rather like a 5 lbs rock thrown at 40 mph).
The only thing not really limited is the duration for which the effect lasts. As long as Biff Concentrates and the objects stays in range, it will be affected. Biff can effect one object at a time, or a close swarm of objects, he can not break the area he effects up, nor can he make thin lines, and the temporal inertia actually prevents harm to an object if it should be only partially affected, though this extremely hard thing to do anyways.

To summarize for those who I confused by that stuff above (which is at a large part for my own reference): Biff can speed things up or slow them down by a factor of two. The factor is lower if the object/Area is larger than a strong framed human and/or if he tries to effect something more than 10 yards away from him. Naturally things which are slowed down will need more effort to be moved, and thing which are accelerated need more effort to be stopped. Hence thrown rock can become very dangerous if speed up and obstacles surprisingly hindering if slowed down.
There is no limit as to how long he can maintain the effect as long as he concentrates.

He looks slightly bigger than the average 13 year old, though his face makes him look even a little younger than that. He’s not really sportive, but not yet to the point of being outright thick or obese. He actually got a pretty face with big brown eyes, fine eyebrows, matching nose and a pleasant smile… though that impression quickly is replaced with an impression of stupor… either way, he is pitiable and it is really hard to think ill of him. He appears rather phlegmatic instead of lively like people expect from kids his age.

Biff was born in Winnipeg, Canada. He never was a very lively kid, and the only thing keeping him out of a 'special' school were his good written exams... which admitted wasn't entirely due to his smartness, but also the fact that he had double the time all the other students had whenever he wanted. There actually was never a big, forming event in his life... Just a lot of thinking to himself. No big revelation of his powers, though he uses them often, and an observant person might notice something odd at him sometimes... Biff's Parent's are currently in some monetary troubles which threaten to grow to a full sized divorce. Biff's uncle offered to pay him the rent at Sapphire Garden and get him a spot at Emerald Hills Jr High.

Biff is not exactly shy, but he is a little antisocial and thus appears always very very quiet, to the point where one could think of his as deaf or stupid for not answering direct questions. He usually avoids conflicts and pressure by ignorance, same with other people’s problems and feelings… but he is not outgoing enough to actually appear as cruel, at most impolite. He often breathes through his mouth, his face totally relaxed, which makes him appear even dumber, and if he’s deeply in thought it has happened to him that a drop of saliva sneaked its way down on his sweater.
He is rather honest and law-abiding, but mostly cause he is a little cowardly, not wanting to risk getting caught…. He IS rather smart, which shows if one looks at his grades, which are almost all pretty good except for anything which involves socializing or taste, like sports and arts. He like to keep his opinion to himself, having a lot of 'odd' opinions and view anyways, so this might be for the better.
He likes computers, for all purposes, being proficient in gaming as well as programming, though not a master hack or something.

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