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Brief Description

Charlie is my character for Author-Man's Mages: the Awakening RP. The concept behind him is East End thug with a Heart of Gold, flavoured with a little Rocky as I'd just seen Rocky Balboa. He's basically good natured, though has a temper, but not very bright. He still lives with his mum, left a life of crime to become a boxer & has been trying to propose to the same woman for years.

At the beginning of the RP he was engaged in a boxing match for the local championship. Though his opponent was far more skilled, Charlie emerged triumphant thanks to his awakened magically abilities. He then failed to propose yet again to his beau at dinner that night. The next day, he was kidnapped by the MiB while at the dog shelter. (Charlie was there to buy a puppy to cheer himself up).

This would have been the end of Charlie's story, as that RP has now died. However, Charlie was chosen by Sebastian to be his first minion.

He was last seen aboard the Black Dream, just before it disappeared.

Physical Description

Charlie is a 33 yr old Caucasian male. He's 6'11", has a body-builders physique & a face of from a life of violence. He keeps his brown hair cut short & is normally clean shaven. He has hazel eyes. He normally wears jeans & a denim jacket over a white shirt.


Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Is easily confused by difficult concepts, but is an good judge of character. Extremely loyal to his friends & family. Fairly laid back, but has lived a life of hardship & strife. He loves dogs, is a fan of Michael Jackson & hates those who hurt children. He obviously thinks he is innocent. Can do the Moon Walk perfectly, but can barely read & right. He also uses a lot of Cockney Rhyming Slang.


Charlie's magical awakening enhanced his already impressive strength & toughness. This has been further enhanced by Sebastian's magic. In addition, his magically abilities can be further changed with additional ritual, however, there are definite limits to his potential. At present, he can perform the following feats:

  • Enhanced Strength: Charlie can lift over head 1300 lbs of weight. Also, as someone good with his fists, he can deliver punishing blows.
  • Enhanced Toughness: Charlie can take a beating from someone of similar strength & his fists don't break from the force they dish out. In addition, his endurance levels are superhuman. He can also generally ignore any toxins, unless it could also effect an elephant. However, diseases effect him normally & his skin is no thicker or tougher.
  • Speak to Dogs: Charlie can understand a dogs barking as human language. He can also make his speech understood to dogs by concentrating, though it will sound normal to everyone else. This only works with dogs, not even wolves can be spoken to this way.

Mary Sue Rating


Probably not a Mary-Sue, although a character can go either way at this point. Fanfiction writers should pay attention to ensure that their characters aren't getting too Sue-ish. For an RPG or original fiction character, however, you're probably perfectly fine.

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