Saric Krass

From Egs Mayhem

Has an unusual liking for Warhammer 40k ships and invading Mayhem.


  • dead fish
  • six-pack of unlabeled soda case of labeled Mayhem soda
  • assortment of 'Grace's faves' plushies
  • special bag backpack
  • 2 TF guns and re-modeling kit
  • working replica Chocolate TFGun
  • Emu odd Feather from Peragrin
  • bag of Mayhem-grown carrots
  • Tedd Glasses fried and chocolate covered dragon
  • Choose The Flavor cookie Scythe-Shaped Cookie
  • Cookie large Khornate Symbol-Shaped Cookie


  • "Violence is not the answer. Violence is the question. Yes is the answer."
  • "Paranoia is a very comforting state of mind. If you think their out to get you it means you think your important."-Gilbran Quail
  • "You can never have too many enemies. The more you've got, the more likely they are to get in each other's way."-Jarvin Wallankot
  • "The insurance companies have prohibited me from -actually- burning people at the stake as a method of greeting, but please assume that such has occurred."-BinaryWraith
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