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[edit] Improvisational/Ecstatic/Free Dance in the North East of England


[edit] DANCE - like nobody's watching!

No steps to learn

Come to be yourself

Come to be with others

Barefeet Boogie - see - aka Barefoot Boogie this takes place monthly in the Tyne Valley area

There are also 'not-strictly 5Rhythms' groups in Northumberland (Sinderhope - Mondays); Teesside (Hartlepool - Tuesdays); Newcastle upon Tyne (Heaton - Wednesdays)

For locations and more information, see

[5Rhythms (TM) is also known as Five Rhythms, Five-Rhythms, FiveRhythms, 5 Rhythms, 5-Rhythms, 5rhythms and Five Rythms, Five-Rythms, FiveRythms, 5 Rythms, 5-Rythms, 5rythms. Google please note!)] =-=
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