From Glitches

I don't like the New Traffic Swarm site at all, and will probably cacnel my account.I didn't like the change to the new wide screen with more ads simply because the new banner ads at the bottom of the screen made my Home page take 20+ seconds to load after the change, and I have a very fast machine with a Comcast Cable connection. So I didn't like that change at all, but was willing to live with it.It was however, far better than this New Traffic Swarm setup. Now there's no credit for setting your home page to Traffic Swarm -and- each time you want some credits you actually have to login to your account and surf pages . HOW ARCHAIC in comparison to the old way!!Nope, I'm not happy at all with the New Traffic Swarm , and after being a member for more than 8 years now (since 2/24/2004), I think I will be cacneling my account and I am sure that I am not alone Go back to the way it was SOON or you'll lose a ton of us for sure - Garrett Dann

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