No Enemies in 343 Guilty Spark

From Glitches

From the game Halo for the Microsoft XBOX.

Select 343 Guilty Spark as your map. As soon as you hop out of the pelican, run to its nose, and a small rock should be there. Jump onto the rock, then onto the pelican. Now, run to its rear as it lifts off the ground. When it starts turning, turn along with it (so you don't fall off) until a cliff comes into view behind the pelican. Immediately run and jump to the cliff, ducking in the air to gain height, and land. Up ahead should be flat trees. Run behind them, and take a left and walk this way for a while. You'll eventually meet a marine who doesn't move or anything. Walk farther ahead. Now, veer a bit to the left while you're running, so that you are running along the cliff's edge. You should see the log bridge that you'd normally cross down below. Continue your "walk." Now, stop when you are directly above the entrance to the underground structure. Face the same direction that the entrance faces, and slide down its right edge. You should now be on the ground, where the covenant usually runs out of the structure. Still right next to the slippery edge that you slid down, hug this edge next to the structure, and hug the leftmost wall into the structure's entrance. No covenant will run out this time! As long as you DON'T stand directly in the middle of the underground entrance, no enemies will appear! You will have to press the elevator panel twice to make the elevator come, and beyond that point, enemies are there.

Submitted by: Clark Beyer

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