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"It's all fake" Glitches"New" Option doesn't workA Boy and His Blob
A Cucco easily going through wallsA Party of nothingA Peach with two crowns
A lying SquawkA sticky wallAbnormally Looping Final Stage
Advance Guardian HeroesAdventureQuest
Affected by nonexistant thingsAgent ReteraAirforce Delta Strike
Akumajo Dracula XAlbert Odyssey: Legend of EldeanAllStar0419
All explosiveAll weapons at one timeAlone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge
Alternate Way to Beat Leopold Battery CannonsAlternate pipe glitchAn angled walk
Anachronistic DialogueAnimal CrossingAnimal Crossing: Wild World
Anti-physics PeachAnticitizen One: Hotel GlitchAppear with different stats and items
AracelikueaczaqmeOravec8180960Arcade Games
Asphalt Urban GTAsteroidsAstrosmash
Atari 2600Atari 5200Atari 7800
Auto Spell CancelingAutomatic Enemy DeathAvoid fighting some monsters
Baby penguin stuck in mid-airBad positioningBad reflection
Badguys losing solidityBall Moving Without A KickBalloon weirdness
Banjo KazooieBanjo TooieBanjo can climb slopes too
Barrel Point OdditiesBattle a DP Box, Bad EGG, or an EGGBattletoads
Be the Fierce Diety when you shouldn't be able toBe under a thwomp but not get smashedBeat the game in a couple of minutes
Beat the game with just 16 starsBeat the game without any crystals or all the medallionsBeta text
Big letter FBitcoin doesn t use hardware 80Bizarre wave noise
Black and WhiteBlank CardBlank message box
Blank televisionBlaster MasterBlue items
Boat That Doesn't MoveBoba and his Slave 1 invisible in the hangarBomb fun 1
Bomb fun 2Bombspy going through the floorBoss Battle Trick
Bounce in thin airBounce of the walls while walking normallyBowser's weird hands
Box stand trickBridge problem, stop in game progressBring items up vines
Bring the bunny around the castleBroken wallsBubbly noises
Camera stuck in wallCan't finish the gameCan't get back into mirror portal
Can't win the gameCartridge tiltingCastlevania
Castlevania: Aria of SorrowCastlevania 3: Dracula's CurseCatch Safari Zone Pokemon outside of the zone
Cave of nothingCell Phone Spying Application Package Spybubble ReviewChameleon Twist
Chameleon Twist 2Change Stars to BirdsChange the Windfall island theme
Change the regular music to sub-space musicCharacters wrongly switching sides - ClanusCharacters wrongly switching sides - Janus
Charm MishapsCheat Out the Mabe Village StoreChip off a piece of the thing you hit with
Choosing the perfect Burn Software package.Chop off the chicken walker's headChrono Trigger
Chronomire weird dashChrozobeamChunky in Tiny's snail place
Climb in thin airClimb with a fruitClimbing turnips
Clockwork Kazooie through the floorCo-op camspy bugCoffie house break in
Colette Floats Without WingsCollect Bubblegloop Swamps Pink Jinjo As BanjoCommodore VIC20
Complete course 10, stage 5 without the koopa shellCompletely explore the Carrington InstituteComputer Games
Condiment GlitchConfused Boss
Confused King of Red LionsConfused firemanConnie
Continuous tickingControl NanaControl Panel
Control the computerControl the enemyCooling Tower Glitch in Night Blitz Mission
Copy Pokemon and itemsCopy items, over level 100 pokemon, and a strange creatureCosta Blanca Ferienhaus6067975
Countdown Without PenaltyCover All Of Your Health Payments With Medicare Supplemental InsuranceCrash Twinsanity
Crash the Game and the EndCrazy Mario in the lavaCrazy music
Crazy unreturning boomerangCrocomire secret roomCrystalis
Cucco doesn't drownCucco doesn't fallCucco in the wrong place
Current eventsDaisy's hidden eyeDamage Element Not Shown
Dance in a manholeDark SaviorDarken out swordtech
Dead enemy in mid-airDead in a cannonDead to Rights
Deadly Character Deletion GlitchDeath Mountain Descent glitchDefeat the Clumsy Robot Twice
Delayed drowning from fireDerekDestroy All Mines
Detach Crocomire's legsDiablo 2Diddy Kong Racing
Die and winDie instantly on Fire Mountain/Ice Ring IsleDie when you're winning
Die while winning a levelDie without losing a lifeDig quickly
Disappearing KeyDisappearing RougeDisappearing item
Disappearing piranhaDitch the Shack PackDo 100 damage to any player continuously
Do stuff you're not supposed to with your gunDodge the dangerous sludge at Grunty IndustriesDonation without payment
Donkey KongDonkey Kong 64Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2Donkey Kong Country 3Double jump
Double prize, weird door, and springDragon Ball Z: Budokai 2Dragonslayer (MONSTER)
Drakbot have Glitchy HealthDrake nxt yrDraw with Exodia
Drive on the wallsDriving while losingDuncan Jumps through the Wall
Duplicating the Angler KeyDuplicating visible itemsEarly Wave Beam
Earn Pokemon stats randomishlyEarn points foreverEarthBound
Earthworm Jim 2Easter egg! fall and not get hurtElder Scrolls: Morrowind
Eleckrokoopas missing shellElevator Leaves You BehindElevator bug
Em how much is your insurance x 4Employing a Baby WalkerEnd vibration
Enemies through the islandEnemy Sprite FailureEnemy Wraparound Glitch
Ensure That Your Computer Works with Adelaide Laptop Repair CompanyEnter the Underground Tunnel Too EarlyEntering the Wind Fish's Egg without all Instruments
Erased Party MemberEscape the Ridley battleEternal Sword Glitch
Eternal genieEternal invinsibility (as long as you don't move)Everything You Are Looking for in Great Personal Loans
Example game page codeExample glitch page codeExercising ghost
Exit the Spore Spawn battleExploding HouseExplore the Golden Sun 1 world
Explore the title screen areaExtra items without the battleExtreme Sketching Results
F-Zero GXFAQFairy ocarina as adult Link
Fake shots in the firing rangeFall Through Solid FloorsFall Through a Wall
Fall down a hatch without going through itFall forever 1Fall forever 2
Fall forever through the skyFall off cliffs and liveFall off into space and frozen people
Fall out of the ringFall through Delfino PlazaFall through Delfino Plaza (Version 2)
Fall through Icicle MountainFall through SeelFall through a wall
Fall through an objectFall through lifts and dieFall through the bridge
Fall through the castle wallsFall through the floorFall through the floor and see what's beneath it
Fall through the groundFall through the waterFalling inside Sharkfood Island
False bonusesFalse glitchesFalse reflection
Far-out big pigFaulty mapFinal Boss Lock-Up
Final Fantasy: Crystal ChroniclesFinal Fantasy IFinal Fantasy II
Final Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy IXFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy VIIFind Signature Loans to Get You to the Mone Need
Find Signature Loans to Obtain the Mone You NeedFire-Less BowserFire Emblem
Fire into a fishFish problemsFive potions - that you don't really receive
Flaming Ice ClimbersFlipped SquogFloat
Float and go through a doorFloat in airFloat in the air
Float in thin airFloat in thin air (WW)Float through bottomless pits
Float up stairsFloating RockFloating Sackpack
Floating WeaponsFloating badguysFloating bokoblin
Floating bombFloating deathFloating enemies
Floating koopaFloating objectFloating over flowerboxes
Floating roomsFly Over the Water Without the Fly SpellFly backwards and go super fast
Fly off the screenFly out of the levelFly out of where you're supposed to go
Fly outside of a boundaryFly the Arwing Outside of the MapFly through the ceiling
Fly up to glitched worldsFlying tektiteFlying while dead
Fool the Eye SpyForest DemonForever stuck in a cutscene
Forgetful logbookFox or Falco disabledFreak out Amelia on the Train Mission
Freaky ZippersFree double killFreedom Fighters
Freeze Nurse EdnaFreeze The GameFreeze Up Gandhar
Freeze a character in mid-airFreeze a character in mid-air - variationFreeze the Action
Freeze the camera freakishlyFreeze the camera temporarilyFreeze the game
Freeze the game (Lufia II)Freeze the game (Secret of Evermore)Freeze the game - version 1
Freeze the game - version 2Freeze the game and make a beepFreeze the game using Taj
Freeze the game with a barrelFreeze the game with cap confusionFreeze with Maria
Freeze with WrinklyFreeze your gameFrogger
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