From Glitches

we got a VA home mortadgage loan many years ago. pd. it off. Of course we have had to refiadnance same home a couadple times durading these hard times. Want a modadiadfiadcaadtion loan now and have been aprvepod for another VA. Loan but since we have to go thru a lender that will take us we can’t use the Va. Mod. home mortadgage loan even tho we are oked for it because our CREDIT RATING isn’t high enough, who is these days, What can we do now? gov. Va. Loan thru the Govadernadment doesn’t ask for your credit ratading. Need help to keep our home now that we are elderly and disadabled in our mid/late 60“s. Botadtomadline we need a lender that will take our “aprvepod Va. Home Loan and our under 600 credit score. Please say there is such a place to help us get our loan thru the VA.a0Rosie

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