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All the clans are represented among the kindred of London, though the Mekhet and Daeva retain the greatest numbers and closely vie for eminence.


A large number of Daeva make their home in London, and their greater social adeptness means that they often maintain a slight advantage over the Mekhet in terms of overall influence.


One of the smallest clans in terms of numbers, some new arrivals of the clan appear to have become politically active recently.


The most numerous clan in terms of population, the Mehket are strongly represented in the Ordo Dracul. The rise of Lord Randall Channing to the Regency of the Square Mile has given this clan a much needed boost in terms of influence over city politics.


The Nosferatu and the Gangrel tend to vie to avoid "last place" in terms of the clans in London with the smallest numbers and influence.


While not particularly numerous, the Ventrue who reside in London are generally politically influential, and thus the clan remains a strong voice within the domain.

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