Lord Randall Channing

From London Requiem

Aristocratic childe of Bishop Lorenzo Montefeltro, the Mekhet Invictus Lord Randall Channing was brought into London Kindred society some time in the early 1700s, and aside from an extended sleep between approx 1938 and 2003 he has rarely been away from the Captial for more than a few weeks.

Well regarded as a collector of Arts and Old Texts, the upstanding Channing has also been noted as a respected member of Lord Mayor Lucius' House Aemil for over 200 years serving most of that period as the local Judex.

Now held as the Lord Mayor's Regent for the Ancient 'City of London' Domain, Channing is also seemingly embarking on a mission to bring civil governance to the greater expanse of 'Outer London'.

For more information : http://cam-wiki.org/index.php/Lord_Randall_Channing


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