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Clarinets are single reed instruments with a cylindrical bore. The clarinet family is the largest of the instrument families; over two dozen sizes of clarinets have been made over the past three centuries. The family can be broken down to the following sub-families, many of which include several instruments in several different keys:

The clarinet family isn't odd, but most of its members are: The Bb, A, and C soprano clarinets, the Eb and D sopranino clarinets, and the Bb bass clarinet are mundane instruments; probably so is the basset horn; but most or all the rest can probably be regarded as Category 2 odd instruments.

From Terje Lerstad's web site, in the midst of a bunch of pictures of octocontra-alto and octocontrabass clarinets, are two family portraits: a 1940 picture of six all-metal harmony clarinets, and a photo from a 1983 Leblanc catalog of fourteen clarinets from piccolo to octocontrabass.

The Philharmonia Orchestra web site has a PDF leaflet on the clarinet family.

Whatever the size, an clarinet is odd if:

its body is made of metal
it's tuned to a Bohlen-Pierce scale

[edit] References

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