James M. Branum

From Oklahoma

There used to be an article here (which you can still find via the "history" of this wiki page. I pulled it down because well-meaning activists were jumping to crazy conclusions based on my past political history.

Yes, I used to be a conservative (political and religious). Big whoop. I grew up in Oklahoma. Most folks here are conservative.

But, I changed. Over time it was my faith in Jesus that pointed me in the direction of pacifism (because Jesus' teachings were clearly opposed to violence and war) and later in the direction of cooperative/community-based economic models. And of course living in the liberal-mecca of Austin and having good liberal-leaning friends helped too.

If you want to know more about what I believe today (and not 8+ years ago), read my blog www.jmbzine.com or the website of my law practice, www.girightslawyercom.

(also for those wondering, editthis.info/oklahoma is a blog I created for all things Oklahoma-related. I was vain to write an article about myself, but I guess this whole episode has reminded me of one of the side benefits of humility)

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