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[edit] RecipeWiki

Welcome to munjava RecipeWiki.
This a is wiki for me and you to share our recipes. You may create, edit or add on to the recipes found in RecipeWiki.
Lets make this wiki the place for collaboration of recipes.

[edit] Why a wiki instead of php

Previously, I was using CookDojo, a php-based recipe software but I found that it is not up to what I wanted. I then researched and found out that there are only a few free recipes software, and finally came wiki. I thought of it and find that wiki is a place to SHARE and collaborate. Like and, there are the best wikis in terms of information and de-infomation. So I would like to make RecipeWiki the best wiki to share recipes.

[edit] Math of the recipe

<m>delim{|}{{1/N} sum{n=1}{N}{gamma(u_n)} - 1/{2 pi} int{0}{2 pi}{gamma(t) dt}}{|} <= varepsilon/3:*lbrace~(e=mc^2)/(psi 12*infty)~rbrace = scrambled egg</m>

[edit] How to use this wiki

If you are looking for recipes or would like to create them at RecipeWiki.
Type the title of the recipe that you want at the search box on the left.
If the page says "No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search",
you may create a new page base on the title you search for by clicking on the "this exact title"
link in the search page. If you need help on editing the page, click on the help link on the left navigation column. Have fun!

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