From Scope F70076

Jun 21, 2009. At 3 A.M. the sky was completely clear, but there was so much light that I could read a newspaper. Jupiter was quite low, but clearly visible in the sky. Jupiter is in Aquarius now, thus it is quite low in the sky at high latitudes, and only visible at certain times. Because it was so low, there was no other way to see it from my balcony with telescope, than putting the telescope on a table. This worked fine, btw, and the telescope was completely stable. Through the 12.5mm eyepiece Jupiter was very bright, and I would say large compared to other planets. But I saw only the disk, no cloud belts no matter how carefully I looked. Maybe I couldn't see any detail because of too much light, but I cannot be sure that this was the reason. I also saw 3 of its moons, the moons are on straight line and they were quite far from Jupiter.

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