From Scope F70076

May 4, 2008. The visibility was almost as in the previous night. Mars was in the constellation Gemini, to the left of the two brightest stars in Gemini, which were the only stars which I saw in Gemini. Mars and these two stars formed almost a straight line with equal intervals.

Mars was very small through the 12.5mm eyepiece, I saw that it was a disk and I saw its reddish yellow color, but that was all, it was much too small to see any surface details or icecaps. Mars is a beautiful object though, and its color is really nice and impressive.

BTW, what concerns a color, one can see the color of some brightest red and yellow stars. The only star which I so far have seen to have some color, is Gamma Sagittae, the brightest star in the constellation Sagitta, which supposed to be a red giant, its color was clearly yellow. I don't know what the color of this star supposed to be, but the color of some red giants can also be yellow orange. So it is not completely true that one cannot see colors at all with this telescope, but in the light polluted skies only a few objects have a clear color.

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