The size and weight

From Scope F70076

By the shipping information, the whole package of the telescope weighs 6.2 kg, the telescope together with the mount therefore likely less than 6 kg. The telescope feels to be very light and it is no problem to carry it, holding from the fork. The telescope is so light that it is possible to hold it even with one hand. It is the best to keep the telescope mounted, it doesn't take much room even so, and it also looks nice, so you don't exactly have to hide it behind the corner. The telescopes bigger than that are much bigger and heavier, much more difficult to carry and therefore also less useful, as most of the time one would use a telescope which is easiest to carry.

There are some smaller "table telescopes", but the problem with these is that they almost always need something with a proper height to put them on, some made some special stools for that purpose, and they still have to carry the telescope together with that stool, which is not easier at all than carrying this telescope.

Preparing this telescope for use takes only a few seconds. I used to keep the 20mm eyepiece always in the focuser, but to protect it from dust, I put the cover of its case on it, which stays there nicely. It's also better to keep the front end of the finder scope covered with the focuser cap, which also fits there well. Thus, all that is necessary to prepare the telescope for use is to remove all the caps, and put them in a place where they would not be lost.

Also, carrying the telescope is easy when the legs are kept short, it's small enough so that it can be lifted over the objects like tables and chairs, thus it would not be necessary to move anything to make way for the telescope.

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