What was inside the box

From Scope F70076


All the parts seemed to be high quality, all the screws were also nicely tightened, the mirrors and accessories were not damaged anyhow. The assembly of the telescope was extremely simple and took almost no time at all.

There were 2 Huygens eyepieces, 20mm and 12.5mm, and one Super Ramsden eyepiece 4mm. The eyepieces all looked decent, the lower part of them is made of metal, and the lenses are all glass (different from some other similar telescopes like these made by Bresser, where the lenses are plastic). There were also a Barlow lens 2x, and an erecting lens 1.5x. These both are made of plastic and the lenses are also plastic, but the image through them doesn't in spite of that seem anyhow bad or darker. The Barlow lens is quite small, but the erecting lens is a long tube, the telescope looks nice though with that in. The images through all the eyepieces were crystal clear, somewhat the eye has to be in the right position to see the whole field, but there is no problem when one gets used to. The image through the 4mm eyepiece together with the Barlow lens (350x magnification) was already too pale, but through the 4mm eyepiece alone (175x magnification) it was nice and sharp, and there was no difficulty in looking through that eyepiece at all.

There also was a moon filter and a metal triangle to use as a screwdriver. The scope has a nice cap to close the front of it, and especially good that there is another cap in the center of that cap -- opening that cap makes collimation somewhat easier, as there are less reflections then. The focuser was good, entirely made of metal, and standard 1 1/4 inch in diameter, so all standard eyepieces can be used. The telescope had a nice smell of rubber inside its tube. The inside of the tube made of sheet metal was painted with a black non-reflective paint.

This is also in a way an exceptional cheap telescope in that nowhere on the box were no advertisements that this telescope has 350x power or such. Also, it is said in the Telescope-Service site that using the 2x Barlow lens and the 4mm eyepiece together is useless. 350x is indeed a useless magnification, it is considered that the maximum useful magnification of a telescope is two times its aperture in millimetres, for this telescope therefore 152x. But the best magnification for a telescope is considered to be 20 times its aperture in inches, which is 60 times for this telescope, and the magnification with the 12.5mm eyepiece is quite close to this.

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