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A greeter is a person employed in Second Life to meet and greet visitors to a location, such as a company HQ, a shop or an event.

There is an irony that Second Life hinges around the interaction between people, yet the vast majority of locations in Second Life are devoid of people much of the time. For a business this can be a problem, as it results in a sterile user experience almost regardless of the build quality of the location. In other words, a company or organisation can sink a lot of money into buying an island and constructing breathtaking buildings - but without people to animate it all, it risks being money wasted.

Some companies are now taking to employing greeters, often recruited in Second Life itself, to provide the necessary "human touch". The role of greeter need not be onerous, often consisting of a formulaic set of basic questions and standard responses. The most forward-thinking companies will employ greeters around the clock. The cost is low, and the environment lends itself naturally to using people scattered around the globe.

A good example of this is PA Consulting.

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