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This is the official website of the Sorthweast Pacific, a region in the nation simulator NationStates.

The nation of -Wikipedia- founded this region on 8 December 2007 as part of its plan for "conquering the internet, one website at a time." The Sorthweast Pacific is allied with Machineland and its inhabitants through an agreement established by the Hand of Wikipedia and The Protectorate of 0110110101110101100010.

The Sorthweast Pacific is having it next elections on March 1. Visit the voting forum to cast your vote.

President: -Wikipedia-
Vice President: --Phi--
Minister of Defense: Evil Wikipedia
Minister of Recruitment: Hand of Wikipedia
Minister of Internal Affairs: One Septillion00000000
Minister of Foreign Affairs: -the Habsburg Empire-
Minister for the Creation of Ministries: -Wikipedia-
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