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The Experience the Saint Rose Wiki is intended to be an invaluable pool of knowledge regarding student life at St. Rose. It is like the student handbook given out freshman year but written by people like you. Inspired by Not the Rensselaer Wiki at RPI, this document will not just help you survive on campus. It will help you survive on campus in style.

If you are new to the concept of collaborative content, then it may be useful to reading up on wikis. In any case, explore, enjoy, and please take the time to expand the wiki by editing and creating new pages. If you are looking for a place to get started, consider tackling some of the wanted pages or adding your own requests.

Please Note: This website is intended primarily as a means for members of the community to document the Saint Rose culture. Thus, in keeping with the open-source nature of this project, it is obviously UNOFFICIAL and also is likely to contain potentially offensive information. Fortunately, the open nature of this technology allows readers to change any information to improve upon it for veracity or taste.


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