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Babes in the Woods

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Babes in the Woods
Game TS2
League Elite League
Section One Shot Thrills
Mode Shrink
Map Aztec
Character Harry Tipper
Enemies Encountered Jo-Beth Casey x10
Rewards Silver: Jo-Beth Casey
Medal Requirements Bronze: ?
Silver: ?
Gold: ?
Platinum: ?

Babes in the Woods is a level where you fight against several Jo-Beth Caseys in shrink. The only weapon here is the Crossbow, which is surprisingly useful here.



Keep moving around. If you shrink too much, then restart. Reload when moving and shoot everybody you see. Just one hit will do it so don't go mad shooting crazy. If you die, it is okay. But always keep a crossbow in hand. If you are unarmed and surrounded by enemies then just punch, it will still only take one shot.

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