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Bag Games

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

The classic Capture the flag game is turned into Capture the Bag and Bag Tag.


Capture the Bag


In Capture the Bag, two teams must go to the other's base, steal the bag, and bring it back to base.


  • Red
  • Blue


  • To pick up a stolen bag, you must walk over it.
  • You can set to no weapon with the bag.
  • Friendly fire is optional.
  • No forced even teams.
  • You cannot score unless your bag is at your base.
  • You cannot have double guns out if you have the bag.

Bag Tag


Keep the bag for a long as possible.


  • No teams
  • Time must be set for game to end.
  • Can set to no weapons with bag.
  • You must kill the man with the bag to pick up the bag.


This mode can be played in:

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