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Bricking it

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Bricking it
Game TS2
Section Glass Smash
Map Siberia
Character Lt. Frost
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards Brick
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1 min 30.0 sec
Silver: 45.0 sec
Gold: 35.0 sec
Platinum: 11.0 sec

Bricking it is a Glass Smash Challenge in which your aim is top smash all the windows in Siberia with Bricks.


After Private Poorly's incident with a grenade yesterday, all ammunition has been confiscated until further notice. This is no excuse to miss training though, so you'll have to improvise!


Go the same directions as Pane in the Neck except smash each window with the bricks and go inside the building up top. The last building needs precision throwing from the window through the door but that should get you the statues and prizes.

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