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Burns Department

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Burns Department
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section Too Hot to Handle
Mode Virus
Map Hospital
Character Viola
Enemies Encountered Crypt Zombie x2
Feeder Zombie x2
Undead Priest x2
Sewer Zombie x3
Rewards Silver: Virus
Gold: Undead Priest
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1 min
Silver: 1 min 30 secs
Gold: 2 mins

Burns Department is the 3rd match in the Too Hot to Handle series.


You might want to keep away from the other patients in the hospital. There's a nasty hot fever going around... You wouldn't want to catch it!


Just like Disco Inferno, the best solution is to camp out, not run, because Hospital is like a maze. The best place to camp is the big balcony, not the little one. When the infected ones are about to come, jump off and head for the stairs and run back to large balcony, rinse and repeat. It's best not to kill the infected when not needed. The infected will normally run in a large group. This giving a smaller chance of someone with the virus catching you unexpectedly.

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