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Size Large
Location In a Mine
Climate Indoors
Unlockable Can't Handle This with
a Bronze Medal or better
Recommended Bots Jebediah Crump
Hybrid Mutant
Gregor Lenko
Badass Cyborg
Harry Tipper
Riot Officer
Reaper Splitter
Baby Drone
Recommended Weapons Soviet S47
Tactical 12-Gauge
Remote Mine
Rocket Launcher
Homing Launcher

Chasm is a TimeSplitters 2 map. It takes place in a mine, possibly abandoned. In the center of the map there is a large hole in the ground, hence "Chasm".


The Chasm is a large, dark mine. On both sides of the chasm itself, there are large multilevel "grid-like" structures which go far back into the walls. These structures are joined together by several bridges which stretch across the chasm. There are no railings on the bridges, so it is very easy to fall off into the abyss below.

The map is completely symmetrical in shape. The two sides of the map are not completely identical however; the interiors of the buildings have some minute differences. For instance, one side of the structures has red lighting, whereas the other has blue lighting. Due to Chasm's similarity, it can be easy to get lost.


Main article: Chasm Glitches

There are several glitches on this level. One includes obtaining "-1" lives on, and bots losing loads quickly. This may also lead to the dead roaming around on Elimination when they're "out".

There is also another glitch unconnected to the others whereby you can jump off and escape into a glitch where the space around doesn't appear normally.


  • Chasm has only 3 zones instead of the usual even number, making it an irregularity among TS2 maps.
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