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Cortez Can't Jump!

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Cortez Can't Jump!
Section Miscellaneous Challenges
Map Something To Crow About - Lift
Character Cortez
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards Big Hands
Medal Requirements Bronze: 100 points
Silver: 150 points
Gold: 250 points
Platinum: ?

Cortez Can't Jump! is a TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Challenge. It involves shooting metal balls into hoops along an elevator course while the elevator moves downwards using your Temporal Uplink.


Some day this wars (sic) gonna end son... If that's so, then Cortez really ought to get looking into some future perfect career alternatives. He says there can't be that much difference shooting guns and shooting hoops. Well, let's see if he's right!


So you don't waste all of the balls, once thrown, if possible, try and catch it with your uplink. When below a hoop, shoot upwards at it. Sometimes it will be easier to shoot at the vertical hoops.

Above the horizontal hoops, you can bounce the balls off the wall and into the hoops. You can also shoot in the air and get through the hoops at a tall height.

Using this you can get a gold.

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