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Fall Out

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This cut-out challenge has taken a turn to a Story Mode orientated feel, now instead of just running around, guns-a-blazing, now you must shoot with accuracy and quickness along a designated path. Also, no matter where you shoot a cut-out, you'll always get 100 points!


After turning snitch on Big Tony, it seems poor Marco didn't have his escape route planned. Tony's not the brightest of guys though, and he's sent some cardboard cut-outs after Marco. Help Marco through Chicago without killing any old ladies...


  • Gold: 1650
  • Silver: 1500
  • Bronze: 1200


Once the game starts, walk to the right side of the crate and just after it, a cut-out will appear behind the crate, quickly shoot it in the middle. Next, after the car is another cut-out, dispose of it too. On your right is another cut-out which will appear from behind another crate, it sits just above it. Go on the left side of the crate I just mentioned is another crate with two grannies sitting on the left and right sides of it, don't shoot them. Sitting behind the crate is a Taxi, walk a little further to trigger another cut-out just across from the Taxi, get rid of it. Then, just on the right side of the enemy cut-out you just shot is a friendly cut-out, it will activate once your close enough to it. Beyond it is a fence right in front of you and to your right is the rest of the street, a cut-out will appear out from behind the fence to the right of the street lamp behind the fence. Later, just down the street from the fence is a car, two cut-outs will appear on both sides of the car, one on the right, partly behind a grider and the other partly behind a wall on the left side of the car. Just after the car you will see a friendly cut-out right beside a street lamp, walk to the left and you'll trigger an enemy cut-out. At the news-stand, you'll trigger two cut-outs sitting inside the stand, on the left is a bad cut-out and the other is a friendly. As you bend the corner, a cut-out will appear on the inside curve of the turn, next you'll see three crates, two on the bottom and 1 on top, two enemy cut-outs will appear on both sides of the crates. Just after the crates, the garage doors just across from the crates will blow off, revealing a good cut-out left and a bad one right. To your left is a Taxi on the left and some crates on the right, a granny will shoot out from the right front and the baddie will appear on the left back. a Good and a Bad cut-out will appear atop a Taxi, another cut-out will appear in front of the car, shoot it. Just walk forward and the mission is complete!

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