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Size Medium/Large
Location Abandoned hospital
Climate N/A
Unlockable Default
Recommended Bots Gargoyle
Crypt Zombie
Mr. Underwood
Jacque de la Morte
the Cropolite
Undead Priest
Sewer Zombie
The Hunchback
Recommended Weapons Silenced Pistol (x2)
Tommy Gun
Grenade Launcher
Tommy Gun (x2)

The Hospital is, as the name suggests, a hospital. However, it looks like it could have also been a chapel at one time, because there are crosses and statues at each end of the arena. It appears to have been long abandoned, since most of the furniture is worn down and the showers are broken. There are numerous beds, refrigerators and other things that suggest that the hospital was abandoned sometime in the 1920s or 1930s.


The Hospital is a maze of hallways, most leading to dead ends or in circles. All areas of the hospital have a greenish tint to them, giving it an old, haunted appearance. The most open part of this level is the lobby, which is also the hub of this level. Other areas include two large balcony rooms, an autopsy room/theatre, a bed area, and a bathroom/shower area. The bathroom stalls are a favorite spot for campers, as they have one exit, and a level 5 weapon in them.

This map is great for Virus and Flame Tag as there are long winding corridors. A tip when playing virus here is to fall down from the balcony into the main room as the virus carrier is chasing you.

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