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Night Shift

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Night Shift
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section It's a Blast
Mode Leech
Map Robot Factory
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered SentryBot x2
ChassisBot x2
Rewards Silver: Leech
Gold: SentryBot
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 15 kills
Gold: 1st and 25 kills
Platinum: 1st and 45 kills

Night Shift is a straight-up deathmatch that introduces Leech.


It is a night shift at the factory and the Machinist is having a nap. Time to play! Inject some enthusiasm into the other workers before he wakes up. Your health is replenished by damage inflicted so keep up a good hit rate to stay alive!


Grab a Rocket Launcher and start blowing stuff up, that's all there is to this level, that and speed. You need to make quick kills in this match to get a Gold, using the secondary fire on the Rocket Launcher is a good strategy. Everyone starts with a Rocket Launcher so don't be afraid to use up a lot of rockets.But watch your back,as they can shoot anywhere.Even on the other side of the map!

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