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R-109 Beta

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

R-109 Beta
Game TS2
League Honorary League
Section Maximus
Mode Gladiator
Map Ice Station
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered R-109 x6
Rewards Bronze: Ufopia
Silver: Gladiator
Gold: Lt. Chill
Roman Hat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st and 15 kills
Silver: 1st and 25 kills
Gold: 1st and 40 kills
Platinum: 1st and 42 kills

R-109 Beta is the 3rd match in the Maximus series.


The latest production run of R-109 prototypes is being combat tested. The most lethal unit will be awarded with a command firmware upgrade. Demonstrate that you are the best.


Grab a Homing Launcher and start blasting away, you have to reach 40 kills for a Gold. Surprisingly, a great place to stick around is around the main building, as the R-109 units come a blasting, run around them in a circular pattern and blast them away. Since every other R-109 robot has a Rocket Launcher, or worse, a Homing Launcher, you have to be careful about where all of the other robots are.

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