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TimeSplitters Music Box/TSMB member list

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  • ->!ALEX!<- - Member since December 01, 2007.
  • 5thHorseman - Member since March 27, 2006.
  • Ace - Member since September 09, 2005. TimeSplitters enthusiast Ace is a known world record breaker with several under his belt.
  • Black Hawk - Member since November 09, 2005. On a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time due to disputes with TSMB community over the various bouts of forum drama that had gone on.
  • Buddybot Sentry - Member since August 03, 2005.
  • Camboy - Member since March 05, 2006. Pops in occasionally, although very inactive for the most part.
  • Capt. Snow - Member since August 10, 2007.
  • Captain Ash - Member since December 27, 2005.
  • Chaos Catman - Member since March 11, 2006.
  • Cleg - Member since April 17, 2006, but had a previous account, which he registered in December 2005. Cleg was introduced to the TimeSplitters Music Box by his school friend, who also has an account on the TSMB and goes by the name of Welsh. Cleg often participates in RPGs held on the forum, and also takes part in many debates. Especially when concerning Welsh independence.
  • Cob - Member since April 14, 2006.
  • Companion Cube - Member since February 17, 2008.
  • Crispin - Member since June 28, 2006.
  • DarkBarrage99 - Member since March 26, 2006.
  • Dinopimp23 - Member since November 08, 2007.
  • Dishes - Member since January 09, 2006. Dishes is perhaps the most mysterious member of TimeSplitters Music box. Dishes was once considered the loony of TSMB. His dark humor (To those who consider it humor), strange metaphors, the content of his artwork, and unpredictable spam gave many members the impression that he was literally insane. His strange personality eventually grew on the members, making Dishes a very beloved member of TSMB.

He used to be an artist, even winning the TSMB smiley contest. Currently, a lack of audience and time has slowed the production of his work. Dishes is also known for his passionate love of Survival Horror, Fighting (Except for Tekken, much to a certain member's chagrin.), and TimeSplitters video games.

Dishes is not an active member due to college and personal projects consuming most of his time, but when he does log in......tread in the spam and art sections very carefully.

  • Drifting - Member since August 05, 2005.
  • Duckman Drake - Member since July 18, 2005.
  • Flak - Member since September 25, 2005.
  • Gizmo - Member since November 13, 2005.
  • god0fgod - Member since June 14, 2007.
  • Gretel MK II - Member since August 09, 2006. Elder sister of R!¢h!.
  • Headsprouter - Member since late 2005. Headsprouter (Alias: Head, Sprout, Sprouter, Fredsprouter) is an English member of the board. After a few months of posting, he was chosen as a new moderator by forum vote, to take over when k_adsl123 declared he would leave. However, K's moderating continued for awhile, resulting in a short period of 3 active mods. In the early hours of November 05, 2007, Headsprouter deleted his account over a controversial staff dispute. The TSMB community has since tried to leave those dark times behind them and begin anew.

He has since created a new non-moderator account to not only enable him access to the TSMB RSS feeds, but in his own words, "To make sure someone else doesn't use the Headsprouter name"

His prominent opinions and deep personal involvement in his moderating job can be viewed as foolish or unique and his choices and attitudes are always up for debate. However, it cannot be disputed his involvement in the forum has been intense, and his music and comedy remains within the boards, alongside his less agreeable posts.

  • Imp - Member since August 02, 2005
  • Johny McStabbs - Member since November 11, 2006. Temporarily left the forum for 3 months and deleted original username (disagreement with staff) but has since returned. Usually posts random news articles and is on good terms with most members. Known for slight hostility and blunt truth. Self appointed Gundam and video game emulation expert of TSMB.

Also goes by the Alias JQM or Bastille Apollyon.

  • k_adsl123 - Former member and mod of TSMB. He was a respected member of TSMB until an unfortunate circumstance drove him into becoming a lawless nuisance. He was banned from TSMB to keep him from getting worse. K was very knowledgeable about video games and was a fan of fighting games (Except for Tekken, also much to a certain member's chagrin).
  • Kage - Member since April 24, 2006. Youngest brother of the three Swedish TSMB members, elder brothers Super Swede and Stripe K. Known for his obsession with dragons, which have since transitioned to wolves.
  • LtSurge695 - Member since January 21, 2007.
  • Monkey - Member since December 30, 2005.
  • Mutant1988 - Member since October 01, 2005. A known mapmaker buff, he seemed to have a knack for making complicated logic strings on mapmaker levels, often taking up as much as 7/8 of the memory with just logic sequences.
  • Prǿject 90 - Member since August 13, 2006. Current moderator of TSMB.
  • R!¢h! - Member since April 20, 2006. Younger brother of Gretel MK II.
  • Rogue - Member since June 29, 2006.
  • Sgt. Cortez - Member since December 21, 2005.
  • Shock Trooper - Member since December 05, 2005. Residential "RP Guy."
  • Shoe - Member since July 20, 2005.
  • Smouvy - Member since Q2 of 2006. Been banned several times by posting on the edge of the forum rules. Usually posts funny random stuff. Apart from a few members, he's being accepted again after his ban. He also does music.
  • Spears - Member since December 10, 2006. (Also known as Speirs)
  • Stripe K - Member since July 09, 2006. Middle brother of the three Swedish TSMB members, elder brother Super Swede and younger brother Kage.
  • Super Swede - Member since February 28, 2006. Eldest of the three Swedish TSMB members, younger brothers Stripe K and Kage.
  • TheIronKnuckle - Member since May 19, 2006. Banned for about 3 months under suspicion of being a hacker. Later hacked his account back and was heartily accepted into the TSMB community again.

Known for his infamous "TS4 to be shipped with Haze on the PS3" thread, the "Biggest quotebox ever" thread and the "Bigger biggest quotebox ever" thread, which was started due to the original thread being deleted due to admin error.

Name currently "TheIronKnuckle MKV". Every 100 posts he increments his username by 1 in roman numeral format. His avatar is always an image of a mushroom cloud, every 100 posts he gets a new image to go with his new user name. He also revamps his signature. The only thing about him which DOESN'T change every 100 posts is his avatar text, it has read ""There is no peace without war" Adolf Hitler" ever since he joined. His naming system stumps some members of the TSMB forum due to its apparent pointlessness.

  • TSmaniac - Member since May 21, 2006. TSmaniac really spent 2 periods on the box. For about 500 posts, he was a rather noobish poster, constantly spamming and overzealously reacting to everything. This eventually led to a break from the forum of sorts, which stretched for nearly a year. His return however, proved to be good. Since then, TSmaniac has become on of the biggest posters on the board. His post style is usually helpful, although he has been known to occasionally break into full fledged rants on a subject at a whim. He is a very keen and constant poster in the RPG board, and he is the only known Russian on the board.
  • Tyrant T100 - Member since August 09, 2006.
  • Vann689 - Member since 2005. TimeSplitter enthusiast Vann689 has broken many records and was an active poster many moons ago. Has since left TSMB.
  • Welsh - Member since May 26, 2005.
  • Wintermight - Member since July 20, 2006. Current moderator of TSMB.
  • Zaliek - Administrator since April 28, 2005. Maker and owner of TSMB, although he rarely pops by.
  • Zee - Member since June 22, 2005.
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