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Top Shot

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Top Shot
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section Beginners' Series
Mode Elimination
Map Hangar
Character Sgt. Shock
Enemies Encountered Lt. Frost
Trooper White
Capt. Snow
Sgt. Shivers
Rewards Bronze: Hangar
Silver: Sgt. Shock
Gold: Elimination
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st in 4 mins
Gold: 1st in 3 mins

Now for a little something different, Top Shot is an Elimination Match.


Prove your authority to the young cadets during combat training! Everyone has 6 lives each, but lose them all, and you'll be out of the military for good!


Well, there are two ways to go here, you can wait around for your enemies to find you or go and find them yourself, the latter will most likely get you a faster time, concentrate on staying where the action is, usually where the moving crate is. The worst possible weapon to use here is the Tactical 12-Gauge, a really good choice would be the Soviet S47. Since it really doesn't matter who exactly makes all of the kills, a good weapon to use would be the Flamethrower, as any flamed enemies can spread it to the other soldiers. Although, be warned, flaming enemies take a while to die, especially the tougher soldiers, such as Capt. Snow.

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