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Ufopia Stuck Glitch

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

This glitch isn't hard to do, but once completed, you'll be trapped and you cannot escape unless you commit suicide. This glitch is helpful for Virus and Flame Tag unless they figure out the glitch.


  • First, find the room that has UFOs that is surrounded by orange colored walls. In that room, there is a UFO that is near a place with no roof, but you can see the sky. (Note: There are two UFOs that have no roof above them, take the one that isn't in the ground and next to a stair well).
  • Next, go to the next floor above the room. Look around for a hole in ground that has the UFO and the orange surroundings. This will take a while if you are not fimiliar to this map.
  • Then (the only hard part), try to jump ontop of the UFO. If this goes right you can look around the UFO, please, do not fall off.
  • Last, on the UFO, there should be a space that is closed off by a orange bar and the wall, fall into it. Now you cannot escape, but others can't touch you. Also, you can't come out, so have a rocket or any expolsive to help commit suicide.


Works for all modes.

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