Alexander Magnus

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Alexander Magnus
U.S. House Representative, Former Sheriff of Miami-Dade County
In Office:
January 21st of 2016 - Present
Preceded by Mann No Wonnoes
Succeeded by incumbent

February 12th, 1966
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; United States
Political Party Democrat
Spouse Single
Religion Methodist

Sgt. Alexander Magnus (Born February 12, 1966) currently represents Florida's 18th Congressional District, elected to the position in 2016 to fill out the term of resigning Democrat Mann No Wonnoes. A former Sheriff of Miami-Dade County, Chairman of the Sons of Oil Liberty, and a known critic of the policies of the Dixie government, Alexander Magnus is known on the House floor for his outspoken support of social justice mixed in with his adamant support of the Constitution and moderate stance on moral issues. Congressman Magnus recent was selected by the Democratic Party to run for the vacated Senate seat of Justin Casanova-Davis against former Republican Senator Constantine Gurlakis.


Early Life

Born in 1966 to Julia and Andre Magnus, Alexander Magnus grew up in a lower-middle class suburb outside of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He attended a local public school starting in Kindergarten and soon gained a reputation for his honesty. As he grew up, so too did his reputation. By the time of his graduation from High School, Alexander was known as a star athlete, a good Samaritan, and an avid student of history and justice. He left Fort Lauderdale in 1984 for the University of Central Florida, pursuing a dual major in Law and History.

College Career

At his time attending UCF, Magnus soon discovered that the life of a scholar or that of a lawyer held no appeal to him. He quickly dropped his major in Law and picked one up in Criminal Justice while retaining his major in History. After four years of hard studying, during which he joined the College Democrats and several on-campus charity outreach groups, gaining a reputation on campus much like the one he had at home. in 1988, Alexander Magnus graduated cum laude with his dual major in Criminal Justice and History. Following his graduation, Magnus stayed in Orlando for a few years as a school councilor before taking up residence in Miami in 1992, taking a job with the Miami Police Department.

Law Enforcement Career

After taking up a job with the Miami PD, Magnus soon became a notable name on the police force, known for not shirking away for tough jobs in the bad parts of Miami. He was most famous for his stand-off against a Miami gang in the spring of 1998, managing to talk the gang members down from a dangerous hostage situation without a shot fired. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and continued his work with the local police until 2012, when he was elected in an election to the position of Sheriff of Miami-Dade County by a wide margin over opponent Guy A. Nonimus.

Congressional Career

Sheriff Magnus's Congressional career began in early 2016 with the surprise resignation of Democratic incumbent Mann No Wonnoes. With his popularity and legal residence in Florida's 18th District, the Democratic Party of Miami persuaded him to run for Congress against popular Republican Unger Jones. In a stunning landslide victory, the Sheriff trounced his opponent in a campaign focused on good morals, social justice, and being tough on crime.

In Congress, the Congressman was an outspoken supporter of moral policies across the board. Focusing mostly on social justice, labor rights, and ethics, the Congressman joined both Democrats and Republicans in his crusade for the average American. His political life took a drastic turn following the NAACP and Equal Rights Groups protests in Dixie against the Hood Omnibus Act and DIX-92, both signed and passed by Governor Vincent Halfhyde. Joining the protesters, even when the Dixie Militia was called to monitor the situation, Congressman Magnus announced a run for Dixie governor in 2018 and began a tour of Dixie that crossed over the entire region.

In late 2016, though, fate changed his plans. With the resignation of Senator Justin Casanova-Davis from his Senate seat just as Congress went into recess, a "Draft Magnus" campaign convinced the Congressman, one of Florida's most notable representatives, to change his run for governor into a run for the vacated Senate seat. The election between Alexander Magnus and Republican ex-Senator Constantine Gurlakis for the seat is expected by analysts to be close, with neither decisively favored by analysts.

Election History

Miami-Dade Sheriff (2008)
Candidates Votes  %
Alexander Magnus unknown 60.50
Guy A. Nonimus unknown 39.50
Total unknown

Congressman, FL-18 (2008)
Candidates Votes  %
Alexander Magnus unknown 55.00
Unger Jones unknown 45.00
Total unknown
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