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Andrew James ("Drew") Brockmeier (born July 4,1976) is the 48th President ant the 49th Vice President of the United States and former Senator from the Great Lakes, Congressman from the Michigan 15th District, and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Drew Brocmkeier
48th President of the United States
In Office:
2033 - 2041
Vice Presidents: Cavalier;Williams
Preceded by Tim Kent
Succeeded by Sean Radcliffe
49th Vice President of the United States
In Office:
2017 - 2021
President: Mason
Preceded by Andrew Merrilin
Succeeded by Tim Kent
Senator from the Great Lakes
In Office:
2013 - 2016
Served alongside: Gillikin
Preceded by Elizabeth Wellbourne
Succeeded by Bryan Jennings
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
In Office:
2007 - 2017
Preceded by Howard Dean
Calum Daniels
Succeeded by Sean Radcliffe
Richard Cavalier

July 4th, 1976
Ann Arbour, Michigan
Political Party Democratic Party
Spouse Abigail Brockmeier
Religion Methodist


Early life

Andrew Brockmeier was born to two teachers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His father, a University of Michigan law professor, and his mother, a high school English teacher, both instilled in Drew a passion for community service. He worked his first campaign in 1992 volunteering in the Clinton Gore campaign offices in Michigan after school. A four year class president, his class voted him "Most Likely to Succeed" in his Senior Yearbook. After high school graduation, he enrolled in University of Michigan and went on to medical school. After graduating from University of Michigan's Medical School,
Brockmeier at the University of Michigan Medical School
Drew joined Doctors without Borders for a few years. His experience in some of the poorest areas of the world helping those who had no way to get help otherwise shaped his world view. He finally returned home to teach at the University of Michigan Political Science Department for a year talking about his experiences in the thrid world. His class was so impressed that they began a "Draft Brock" campaign for their congressional seat when long time member John Dingell announced his retirement. After the students got enough signatures for him to be placed on the ballot, Drew decided he owed it to them to run.

House of Representatives career (2007-2012)

First term (2007-2008)

Once taking office, Drew spent most his time that term getting used to Congress and learning the ways of Capital Hill. Working with the Democratic leadership, Brockmeier was pleased to pass an agenda for America with bipartisan support. The measures of the agenda included raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years, passing the 9/11 Commission recommendations, reversing the ban on stem cell
Congressman Brockmeier debating the minimum wage increase on the House floor.
research, common sense immigration reform, and other measures. Drew was also used this opportunity to introduce his own first measures of his own personal agenda. He presented plans to clean up Washington, end outsourcing of American jobs, make college more affordable, cover every child with healthcare, make prescriptions more affordable for seniors, and bring peace to the Sudan.

Second term (2009-2010)

After his loss for the Senate seat, Brockmeier returned to Congress still believing in the fight he fought. His first act of business was to bring up a plan to ensure no deceptive practices hold people back from voting. He also introduced the most comprehensive plan to fight global warming as he saw the dangers a climate crisis could bring. Fulfilling a campaign pledge from his Senate campaign, Brockmeier introduced a plan to give auto makers subsidies for healthcare in exchange for the manufacturers moving towards more energy efficient cars. The other major plank of the Brockmeier agenda was protecting Social Security as it stand today while we move towards reform.

Mid way through the first year of the term was when Brockmeier began a public relations blitz to
Congressman Brockmeier at a Michigan event promoting the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.
bring the Honest Leadership and Open Government to the floor. This act was Brockmeier's ethics reform package that he and others have heralded as the "most comprehensive plan in a generation." Yet when Brockmeier moved to pass it by unanimous consent, House Majority Leader John Pizzuto objected saying he wanted to see a debate. Yet the debate never came, so Brockmeier began to try and build up a grassroots surge to bring the bill to the floor. That plan started with a speech in Michigan but came to involve a national Democratic Radio Address, interviews on two cable news shows, and major blog support.

The plan never came to the floor, but after the public relations push, Brockmeier legislative director, Bill Ford, leaked private memos between Brockmeier and Pizzuto that cast the affair in a whole new light. Pizzuto had pledged to bring the bill to the floor, but then revoked that pledge after he was ordered to do so by President Elizabeth Warren. Brockmeier immediately fired Ford and refused to comment on the story, known as "Memo-Gate", until the Republican attacks on him became too much to handle. His press conference on the story became a major event and showed that even as his party's leader, his independent streak still lived on.

Brockmeier closed the session introducing more plans to move America forward and with visits back to the Great Lakes. He took part in a "Hear It From the Heartland" Tour which took him through all 3 states of the Heartland region speaking about Democratic priorities the Republicans refused to bring to the floor. He also made a quick trip to a Dearborn auto plant that was shut down for the day due to the Solar Storm in the West coast. With the session nearly over, Brockmeier spearheaded the Democratic Party's tax relief plan for middle class families, a small business growth plan, efforts to stop meth, and major education reforms.

Third term (2011-2012)

Fresh off a come from behind victory for the DNC, Brockmeier returned to the House ready to get back to work for the people of the Michigan 15th district. On day one, he immediately introduced more plans to help make tomorrow brighter. His agenda for the beginning of the term included expanded family and medical leave, creating new education opportunities for the unemployed, making the work place safer, giving our cops the tools they need to get the job done, and keeping firearms out of the hands of terrorists.

Brockmeier's third term was shaped, as was everyone's, around the tragic bombings in D.C. The bombing of the U.S. Capital, Supreme Court building and White House shook the nation, but Brockmeier was ready to lead. Building off his already stellar record on homeland security, Brockmeier introduced a whole litany of new items to his agenda. His plans called for increase security on our passenger and freight trains and our public transportation system, more money to our nations firefighters, the creation of a National Defense Trust Fund, and a plan to target terrorists, terrorists financing, and the countries who support terror more effectively. The Congressman also led the way with House Minority Leader Marie Evans and Senate Minority Leader Lilliam Vanleer to create the D.C. Bombings Commission. But Brockmeier also took time to be home with family, friends and neighbors to reflect, mourn, and remember those lost. He was honored to be chosen by the students to lead the University of Michigan D.C. Bombings Memorial where he said, "...America has faced dark days, but always moves forward to the brighter horizon." Brockmeier also launched a tour of Michigan to discuss his plans to strengthen homeland security and defeat terror.

Senate career (2013-2016)

First term (2013-14)

After losing another close election to the Senate,
Brockmeier taking the oath of office
opportunity struck when Senator Elizabeth Wellbourne was selected to fill the vacancy in the Heartlands Governor region with Andrew Merrilin becoming Vice President. Governor Wellbourne called on Drew Brockmeier to fill the seat she had recently left. Brockmeier accepted, facing a firestorm of criticism and praise. Knowing the difficulty of the situation he was in, Brockmeier set out to prove himself.

He immediately began by introducing legislation to help turn things around for the Great Lakes. But he also took a step not taken by anyone before. Knowing he couldn't really represent the Great Lakes without hearing from the Great Lakes. Starting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Drew started a Listening Tour of all of the 83 counties in Michigan. Just a few weeks later, Drew visited all 72 counties in Wisconsin. With the completion of that tour, Brockmeier became to first elected official to visit every county he represents.

Second term (2015-16)

Having won the special election in 2014 to fill out the remainder of the term, Brockmeier got to work passing major parts of his agenda. His first move was to introduce a plan to make it easier for more Americans to own their own home. Before record-high gas prices griped the nation, Brockmeier introduced comprehensive plans to lower gas prices and offer alternative energy sources. His Relief at the Pump plan would give every hard working families tax relief to ease the pain at the pump. His Treat Emergency Victims Fairly plan would put the first anti-price gouging laws on the books. And Reducing the Incentives to Guzzle Gas plan would reduce the incentive to purchase larger and luxury motor vehicles. All three plans passed the Congress but were vetoed by President Warren. Brockmeier also introduced plans to give more incentives to soldiers, increase military pay, and offer better family leave for military families. His military pay increase plan was signed into law. The Senator also authored a plan that passed the Senate to offer equal pay for equal work.

Vice president (2017-2021)

Drew Brockmeier was sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2017.
Andrew Brockmeier being sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States.
Becoming one of the most active Vice President in recent history, Brockmeier came out of the gate visiting France after the terror attacks on the French President's life and the aftermath and also heading to Brazil where he successful convinced the Brazilian government to offer more troops for the Haiti Peacekeeping force. Brockmeier also continued to advance his legislative agenda at home. His first accomplishment came when he saw signed into law the most comprehensive election reform package in a generation. That success was quickly followed by his Relief at the Pump plan which had previously been vetoed by President Warren. The plan gave hard working Americans a 500 dollar tax refund to help ease the pain at the pump. While also attending the joint state funeral of former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, Brockmeier also began to hold town halls across the country to further promote the Mason/Brockmeier agenda. Brockmeier also saw passed through Congress his plan to reform No Child Left Behind and his plan to target terrorists more effectively.

Electoral history

2006 House campaign

After officially announcing his intention to run with his students at the University of Michigan, Drew started in on a long campaign. While the race turned negative with his Republican opponent criticizing his lack of a political background, Drew kept the campaign positive and spoke about his plans for office. Once the dust settled, Drew was elected with 55% of the vote to his Republican opponents 44%.

2008 Senate campaign

Main article: United States Senate elections, 2008

After much consideration, Drew Brockmeier announced his campaign for Great Lakes Senate in Detroit, Michigan citing his
Brockmeier at a rally in Michigan during his Senate campaign.
desire to do more and serve his friends, family, and neighbors better. He had an early lead in the polls and ran a strong positive campaign for the first half. However his lead was cut in half
Final Results of 2008 Great Lakes Senate Race
due to misleading attacks from his opponent Angela Chiles, so he was forced to fight back. While pointing out his record of success, he also pointed out the outrageous claims of Chiles saying it was alright for people with chronic diseases to suffer. As the race headed towards a close, nearly all expected Brockmeier to pull out a win, yet the Republican Party and Chiles pulled what was called a 'dirty deal' and transfered in $12 million to run misleading attack ads against Brockmeier. When the final results came in, Brockmeier held on to win Michigan, but by a lower margin than Chiles won Wisconsin, giving Chiles the Senate seat.

2012 Senate campaign

Main article: United States Senate elections, 2012

In late 2011, Brockmeier announced he intended to run in next year's
Final Results of 2012 Great Lakes Senate Race
Great Lakes Senate race for the the very seat he narrowly lost just four years prior. Angela Chiles had resigned from the Senate, and Brockmeier instead faced her replacement, Senator Jason Gillikin, who was running to fill the rest of the unexpired Chiles term. Brockmeier said Gillikin was a 'defender of status-quo' and that now is time for change. Brockmeier was able to close the 4 point gap, he came up just short on election night, losing to Gillikin by .1% of the vote.

2014 Senate campaign

Main article: United States Senate elections, 2014

Brockmeier at his 2014 Election Night Victory Party.
After his successful appointment to the Senate, Drew Brockmeier announced his intention to seek election to his seat in the special election of 2014 to fill out the remainder of the term. He faced former Ford Motor Companies executive John Fallon.
Final Results of 2014 Great Lakes Senate Race
On election day 2014, Brockmeier won a historic victory in the Great Lakes with a 11.5% victory, becoming the first candidate to win both Michigan and Wisconsin in a single election. He also was the first Senate candidate in Great Lakes history to run a completely positive campaign.

2016 Vice Presidential campaign

Main article: United States presidential election, 2016

Drew Brockmeier announced his attention to seek a second term to the Senate in late 2015. After an extremely successful term, Brockmeier was expected to cruise to victory and saw support from across the Great Lakes. Michigan Congressman Donald Wilcox announced his intention
Final Results of 2016 Presidential Race
to run against Brockmeier in the summer of 2016, but before the campaign began, Brockmeier withdrew his name from the ballot for what he cited as "personal reasons" and Michigan Congressman Bryan Jennings was chosen to fill his spot on the Democratic ticket.

The "personal reasons" cited by Brockmeier as he withdrew his name from the ballot became obvious a few days later when on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Democratic Presidential nominee, Appalachia Governor Whitney Mason of North Carolina, announced Brockmeier as his choice for Vice President. On the third night of the convention, Brockmeier accepted his nomination in a speech that many pundits called "spectacular."

After the convention, the Mason/Brockmeier ticket began campaigning in earnest to recapture the White House for the Democratic Party after sixteen years our of power. On election night, Whitney Mason and Brockmeier were swept into office in a landslide election.

2020 Vice Presidential campaign

Main article: United States presidential election, 2020

2024 Presidential campaign

Main article: United States presidential election, 2024

Democratic National Committee Chair (2007-2017)

Draft Brock for Chair and Campaign

Upon entering Congress and the resignation of longtime DNC Chairman, Governor Howard Dean, a "Draft Brock" movement began inside the Democratic Party. After long deliberations, Brockmeier threw his hat in the ring and began working hard to win the support of party members. By the time the nomination
Congressman Brockmeier with Governor Howard Dean after being elected DNC Chair.
period was over, 3 other candidates remained in the race. After a lengthy debate of their plans for the party, the Democrats selected Brockmeier by a blowout margin. After taking the podium from outgoing Chairman Dean, Brockmeier pledged to work his heart out to keep the Democratic Party moving forward.

Taking Office

Moving into the office required hard work from not only Brockmeier but his entire staff. Brockmeier immediately instituted dramatic reforms to the party's communications department as well as the new member services. He began to work towards uniting the Democrats in a common goal again and with his work, the success was seen nearly immediately when the Democrats beat the odds in two election cycles in a row.

50 State Tour

Brockmeier at a rally in Montana as part of the 50 State Tour.
One of the larger accomplishments of Brockmeier's first term as DNC Chairman was to organize and push through a 50 State Tour for the Democratic Party. Named the 'Believe in America' Tour, it saw Brockmeier attend an event in every state of the union. Along the way he was joined by Democratic leaders and rising stars for what was considered a huge success that has yet to be accomplished by any other party at any time. For more information on the tour head to

Leaving Office

After ten years in office, the longest in over a century, Drew stepped down as DNC Chairman in early 2017. After leading the party that was completely out of power when he started, Drew left it with control of the White House, control of Congress, and just a few thousand votes from a Governor's mansion.


Cover of Brockmeier's In Your Hands.

Brockmeier is the author of two books:

In Your Hands: A Citizen's Guide to Changing the World (2015)
Author's Net Income: $1,188,000
"One of the three best selling Current Events books of 2015, Senator Drew Brockmeier's step by step guide at how ordinary Americans can change the future by getting involved. The Senator also s hares personal stories from his years being involved in politics, including his 8 eight years as DNC Chairman. "With the upcoming elections, I think many Americans are looking to get involved, but aren't quite sure how,' said Brockmeier. "This book is meant to give them a guide about steps they can take to change the world. Hopefully, many will come away with a new sense of the political process and if nothing else, a laugh from some of my experiences out on the trail."."

Cover of Brockmeier's What A Party!.

What A Party! Memories of a Political Journey (2017)
Author's Net Income: $1,120,000
"The memoir is a personal look at the political life Brockmeier has lived in the decade he went from newly elected Congressman to second most powerful man in the country. The tell-all gives an inside look at Brockmeier first run for Congress, his rise to Democratic National Committee Chairman, his numerous Senate campaigns, and his elevation to Vice President. Through personal observations and previously undisclosed stories, Brockmeier gives the reader insight into the political career that includes the longest serving DNC Chair in over a century and being the third youngest Vice President to ever take office. "I hope readers are able to understand the political process a little better after reading about my journey. I felt like this was a point in my life I should try and share my story and hopefully inspire a new generation of Americans to serve."

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Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
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Senator (Class 1) from the Great Lakes
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Year Office Election Party Votes  % Opponent Party Votes  %
2008 Great Lakes Senate General Andrew Brockmeier Democratic Loser 47.86% Angela Chiles Republican Winner 52.14%
2012 Great Lakes Senate General Andrew Brockmeier Democratic Loser 49.80% Jason Gillikin (I) Republican Winner 49.90%
2014 Great Lakes Senate General Andrew Brockmeier (I) Democratic 3,127,241 55.4% John Fallon Republican 2,475,380 43.9%
2016 Vice President General Andrew Brockmeier Democratic 378 EVs John Dunn Republican 160 EVs
2020 Vice President General Andrew Brockmeier (I) Democratic 268 EVs Tim Kent Republican 270 EVs
2024 President Primary Andrew Brockmeier Democratic 2208 Delegates 100% Zack Litchfield Democratic 0 Delegates 0%
2024 President General Andrew Brockmeier Democratic 254 EVs 50.6% Akeem Mellis (I) Republican 284 EVs 48.6%
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