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Ashon Barack Hussein

Secretary of Defense
In Office:
Preceded by Beau Phertanberger
Succeeded by Incumbent
Legislator from California
In Office:
Served Alongside: John Hendrickson
Served Alongside: Carol O'Loughlin
Preceded by John Hendrickson
Carey Smith
Succeeded by Carey Smith
Carey Smith

June 7, 1985
Detroit, Michigan
Political Party Democrat
Spouse Marie McMillan Hussein
Religion Eastern Orthodox

Ashon Barack Hussein Secretary of Defense.


Early Life

Hussein was born in 1985 to Issa Barack Hussein I and Patricia Johnston Hussein. He was the seventh born son, earning him his name. His older brothers' names are Issa Barack Hussein II, Dauid Issa Hussein, Akeem Haji Hussein, Annan Joshi Hussein, Joshi Abasi Hussein, and Chane Hasani Hussein. His parents got divorced in 1988, and Ashon lived with his mother, who moved to North Carolina, then Texas, then Alaska, and then California . In school, Ashon was originally called Eh Sean, which people eventually got confused with people saying "Eh, Sean", so Ashon ended up being called Sean oftenly, so he started going by Ashton. He graduated from the University of California in 2006, and went on to study law. Afterward, he became a politician.


First 4 Terms

Hussein was known as an average legislator in his first 4 terms.

Last 4 terms

Hussein is still known as an average legislator.

Family Life

Hussein and his wife have 5 children: Brian, Jimmy, Henry, Tim, and Luciano. Luciano was adopted.

Brian Hussein

James "Jimmy" Hussein

Henry Hussein

Tim Hussein

Luciano Hussein

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